Featured: Pau y Amigos feat. Bufi - "Fiesta Permanente

Feature: Pau y Amigos feat Bufi – “Fiesta Permanente”

El Bar de Peter Pan, Discos Tormento

Pau y Amigos is an electropop (En Español) from Mexico City who are about to present their debut álbum titled El Bar de Peter Pan. The band is signed under Discos Tormento and if you anything about that label is that their artists are hipster cool, a sort of kitsch grandeur sound for weekend-ready lovers. Disco strings dictate “Fiesta Permanente”, pushing it forward into steaming electro pods and on the process, transcoding its computerized world to the dance floor. The lyrics are wise enough to parallel the song’s structure in a reverse-shot-reverse exchange and precise vocals by Paulina Lasa, “Sabemos que el momento pronto tendra que terminar, pero con tus instrumentos el tiempo puede parar de contar.”

We can’t say it is as infectious as “Datos Intimos” by She’s a Tease, but it certainly grabs you and puts you in that state of permanent celebration, “ya no siento mi cuerpo, mi he vuelto puro sonido y luz.” Big part of what makes “Fiesta Permanente” so good is Bufi, who just keeps conditioning his posture as an electro gruru. Certainly a song to grab on momentum, it certainly took me back to those great disco-ball cinematic moments by Julian Hernandez (El Cielo Dividido) and Fernando Mierelles (Cidade de Deus). Pop plugs for all.