Los últimos héroes de la Península. Rubén Albarrán y Pare de Sufrir - "Mi Tierra Querida."

A few years ago when I was a Mexican Cinema junkie (I still am but not as passionate), I used to attend the Guadalajara Film Festival, the place where most Mexican films get premiered. If you’re not aware, Mexico is having its Documentary golden era, which is among the world’s best. Although I saw Los Ultimos Heroes de La Peninsula two year ago, I still remember it as a very charming, vivid little film about some boxing champs. You can find my review here (in Spanish). Café Tacvba’s Ruben Albarran steps in the ring with a song for the film, it’s titled “Mi Tierra Querida.” This video is gorgeous and the song is nice, you can now download the mp3 for free through MSN’s music page.