María y José Presenta Espíritu Invisible

After multiple appearances on our compilations, you can pretty much realize we’re huge fans of María y José, and after months of anticipation Espiritu Invisible is now out for free download! Now, you have to understand that we can't resist ourselves from writing about Antonio Jiménez whenever we can, by far, one of our favorite personas on earth. While we consummate this religious experience and write a proper review, go on and download this, it’s a must. Oh, and artwork of the year already?

Espíritu Invisible. Download!

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  1. i was first a little hesitant to wanna listen to the whole thing. i mean it didn't feel like a serious album, more like beat samples almost. So i'd just put tierra sagrada on repeat. And one day, on a warm yet hazy winter afternoon stroll through the city (setting the scene here), i somehow didn't press 'menu' to wonder off to another album. I stood and listened through the whole thing and the whole thing was actually great. I mean the songs were yummy bitesizes and they felt incomplete at times, sure... but i think there's a genuine ease about this music... not that he didn't care, but he didn't overthink. It's a real achievement that he managed to corral together his lyrical vision of playful nihilism, his nonchalant voice, tropical percussions, synths, 90's techno beats, while still sounding innocent, pared-down and well cute. And let's just say it to be pretentious, there's an obvious graduate thesis here somewhere about mexic0/u.s border conciousness of post modern/post-nafta&9.11 nihilistic transcendence. This is THE music to listen to after watching reygadas' batallas en el cielo.