Video: Banda de Turistas - "El Rogadero"

This video has been out since last month and it is the bomb! Distorted fields will dislocate your vision, while the song tries to clear up the space for datamoshion to become less obtrusive; it’s a frustrating and spellbinding battle. “El Rogadero” is truly something; I will go far and say it’s the best Banda de Turistas song yet. Jean-Stephane Beriot quoted me on his review of Magical Radiophonic Heart, but this time I’m quoting him back: “El Rogadero is amazing, national irony on the hands of nostalgic kids, mesmerizing, “no escucharemos mas ni un solo ruego, no es que no queramos, es que no podemos." Catch Banda de Turistas at this years Vive Latino and Festival Nrml.