Hijosnietos - "Muchachita de Chiclayo"

While I surfed MySpace looking for potential bands to be included on our latest compilation, I stumbled upon this Chilean band called Hijosnietos, considering Chile already had six assured spots (more than any other country), my exhausted click turned cute once I saw a picture of Alex Anwandter on the band's profile. Turns out, this is a side project of the ex-Teleradio Donoso lead vocalist with Adrianigual’s Go Vargas. Seems like Hijosnietos has been put on standby for over a year, sadly, considering how catchy “Muchachita de Chiclayo” turns out to be, plus the Peruvian-meets-Chile voyage in the sound was truly unsuspected. It will be interesting to see Anwandter’s career shifts. He could be the most interesting male pop vocalist in our circuit, perhaps not as serious as Gepe or Pedro Piedra, but he’s blooms in pop star qualities.