Featured: Piñata - "Mexican Machotes"

Although they’ve had back-to-back appearances in our last two compilations, we actually know very little about one of CF’s favorite new bands: Piñata. For someone who used to hang out around the local all-you-can-eat buffet (yes, the one with the two-digit health code violations and the tiny stage at the corner) just to catch the beginnings of Harlem and Smith Westerns, witnessing the first steps of this hot new band from Barcelona has been quite thrilling. You can call it a transatlantic romance, but between the dust-swelling oomph portrayed in “Tambourine” and the unveiling of a tribal-harmonious exposé in “Mexican Machotes,” this five-piece band just seems like the real deal.

Under the hyphenated premise of a garage-tropical sound (like that of Margarita or Kana Kapila), they claim to have an affinity for punches in the mouth, sexy moves, and an adoration for counterfeit idols. With virtually no attention from any of Spain’s major indie publications (mad props to Zumo en la Nevera for discovering them), Piñata is truly promising. There’s something very special when hearing a band shout “Uno, dos, tres, cuatro!” between the bridge and the climax of their songs; they’re immersing us into their garage rehearsals and, in a way, making us part of the pushing of the pedals. The band just released three rough demos in a cassette split with fellow Spanish rockers Salvaje Montoya. Here’s looking forward to a first proper release from these guys at the hands of Mama Vynilia Records.