Video: Rita Indiana y Los Misterios - "Da Pa Lo Do"

Exactly one year ago, upon the much-lauded arrival of Rita Indiana’s debut album El Juidero, CF published a five-star review for an album that is already transcending marvelously. For those of us who are not too persuaded about Calle 13’s scratchy and ultimately over-sentimental “Latinoamérica” (which is still way better than Maná's "Latinoamérica"), Rita Indiana y Los Misterios' “Da Pa Lo Do” provided us with last year’s most poignant political piece. In his review of the album, Carlos Reyes described this particular piece as one that would ridicule the Vampire Weekend indie-tropical hipsteria and hit the nail on the head, calling it “a bona fide piece of tropical bravura.” The stunning track with the stunning strings and the wounding palos has a wonderful video helmed by Engel Leonardo. This time around we’re taken to a land of faith, borders, and brotherhood, where the roads are redirected by the wind itself, and Rita Indiana makes a Marian apparition as a Blessed Virgin Mary. This is a video that excels in proportions, colors, and especially in the narrative of its rhythm. Yet another knockout in Rita Indiana’s treasure of stimulating aesthetics.