Fonocast #5: Power Play

Fonocast #5: Power Play
by Blanca Méndez and Zé García

Maybe you thought that all we would be talking about in these podcasts was teenage angst, telenovelas, and chillin with our frenz, but we have news for you: We can be serious too. Like, really serious. This Occupy Wall Street thing that is happening right now is pretty major. People who have long been silent are rising up and speaking out against the injustices that are being perpetrated in the name of corporate interests. Whether the movement will continue gaining momentum until it leads to real change remains to be seen, but the fact that it's happening and gaining support has us at the edge of our seats, anticipating what's next. This got us thinking about past and present political climates in Latin America and the music that was born out of these climates. From nueva canción in Chile in the ‘60s to nueva trova in Cuba and Puerto Rico and later iterations throughout Latin America and Spain calling for everything from economic justice to educational reform and gender parity. The protest song takes many forms, and in this show, we listen to versions by Molotov, Ana Tijoux, Aterciopelados, and Mercedes Sosa. Get ready for some serious discourse, critical thinking, and big words.*

Triángulo de Amor Bizarro - "Isa vs. El Partido Humanista" (MUSHROOM PILLOW, SPAIN)
Omar Rodríguez López - "Polaridad" (RODRIGUEZ-LOPEZ PRODUCTIONS, USA)
Molotov - "Gimme the Power" (UNIVERSAL LATINO, MEXICO)
Ana Tijoux - "Sube" (feat. Invincible) (NACIONAL RECORDS, CHILE)
Gepe - "Ayudame Valentina" (Violeta Parra cover) (INDEPENDIENTE, CHILE)
Gal Costa - "Tuareg" (DUSTY GROOVE, BRAZIL)
Aterciopelados - "Cosita Seria" (BMG MUSIC, COLOMBIA)
Rita Indiana y Los Misterios - "El Juidero" (LATIN MUSIC PREMIUM, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)
Lourdes Pérez - "Paloma Urbana" (CHEE WEE, PUERTO RICO)
Mercedes Sosa - "Sólo Le Pido a Dios" (UNIVERSAL MUSIC LATINO, ARGENTINA)

*The views expressed in this podcast are those of the hosts and not of Club Fonograma.