Video: Torreblanca - "Sí"

In this clip for the single "Sí" director Benjamín Estrada attempts to translate the rich soundscapes and theatricality of Bella Época into something visual. We see Torreblanca and crew performing for a young bride on what is presumably her wedding day. Things start off pretty well, the girl is wrapped in some dreamy lens flares (think Beyoncé/Halo taken down a few notches) as she walks down the aisle. Just as the chorus takes off, the drama unfolds: the bride flees and we get some gorgeous black and white (very filmic) exterior shots intercut with all kinds of colorful objects. Most impressive, however, are those artwork-inspired animation bits, adding just the right element to the clip. Sure the photography is all over the place, but if it works in Torreblanca's music, then it definitely also works in this video.