Video: Ceci Bastida feat. Rye Rye - "Have You Heard?"

The war on drugs implemented by president Felipe Calderon has supplied Mexico with countless buckets of blood for horrified showers and few strings of sociopolitical progress. Tijuana’s rhythmic maverick Ceci Bastida is responsible for framing the single best-crafted soundtrack about Mexico’s bruised efforts to afford peace of mind in the narco era. Produced by Diplo and featuring Rye Rye, “Have You Heard?” is bold and touching while staying within the proportions of its pop frame. In this music clip, video director David Herrera succeeds in keeping things intimate, switching the eyeball to the wounding reality of drug dealing as the one sustainable family business.

With contributions of first world artillery for the drug cartels from political fiascos like ATF’s Fast and Furious and all the jammed moves for narcotic legalization, the future does not look promising. “Dollar’s green and border’s red,” and we’re pretty close to filling the three stripes of the Mexican flag with new color substance. Throughout the clip we follow the eyes of a birthday boy as he learns the business. Eventually, he’s put at the center of a table filled with gifts as they recreate the The Last Supper. "Have You Heard?" is the latest single off Ceci Bastida's superb debut solo album Veo La Marea.