Video + MP3: Fernando Milagros & Christina Rosenvinge - "Carnaval"

A confined chest of folk elementals is the common denominator in the current Chilean advocacy movement to reconstitute the popular song. In a scene where most of its artists are able to mingle contemporary enigmas with resolutions from the past, Fernando Milagros is much more confrontational. Avoiding most technological flares and opting for a stunning sequence of wall-of-sound progressions, Milagros’ forthcoming album, San Sebastian, is unlike any of the recent albums birthed from Cristian Hayne’s magical production pop house. Any phrase sung by Milagros feels like a fragmented vocal journey, one filled with the joy and the scars of the Latin American vernacular. “Carnaval” is the first single off the album and features vocals from the always fragile and often dramatic Christina Rosenvinge. Like his labelmates Daniel Riveros (Gepe) and Rodrigo Santi (Caravana), Milagros seems to be on his way to consolidate a career with a truly promising album.

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