Video: Isla de los Estados - "Balanceo"

Argentinean pop-avant trio Isla de los Estados is the kind of deranged band whose under-the-radar status has shifted them into cult territory. Fronted by the wonderfully eccentric Lolo Gasparini, the band is so elaborate in its eerie aesthetics and so elemental with its melody lines that it’s not too hard to feel emotionally bonded to at least one half of their dualistic profoundness. Film enthusiast Maria Zanetti illustrates and confronts the trio’s mindful decision to juxtapose slo-mo vocals with bits of dub in the band’s new video, “Balanceo.” Weighting a mise-en-scène of vogue and gothic fashion against the backdrop of the obscure woods, Zanetti gets the band to sit adjacent to the world of Fever Ray. “Balanceo” is the last promotional single off Isla de los Estados’ 2010 album, Expreso, which featured stellar contributions from Kelley Pollar and Gustavo Cerati. A remix of “Balanceo” by DJs Pareja is now available for open download via SoundCloud.