Los Claveles - "Estafas"

How excited are we to present the new single of Los Claveles? Well, considering they delivered the best song of 2011, yes, we are very excited. The stakes are high for any band that crafts an instant classic, but it’s especially remarkable when it comes from a band that has yet to release a debut album. Over the past four years the Madrid rockers have released a handful of singles, splits, and EPs, making a memorable repertoire with discrete resources. The time has come for Los Claveles to make the big step—releasing a proper full-length album with proper production values and, in the meantime, moving their craft from outbursts of novelty to referential.

“Estafas” is Los Claveles’ first promotional single off their forthcoming debut album, Mesetario (out via Gramaciones Grabofonicas in June, and on presale now). The band makes a few statements in this song. First, the development of a pristine production—they sound less nostalgic, but it’s a smart move as the glaze is accessible enough to push them into the elite of Spanish indie rockers. The other obvious extension is in the band’s approach to form—Los Claveles releasing a song that’s four minutes and a half speaks of a band that’s ready for the maximization of their scope. “Estafas” is a purification piece that slathers aural beauty with measure and clarity. Los Claveles are still string fetishists, and for that we’re eternally grateful.

♫♫♫ "Estafas"