Matilda Manzana – "Pez Espada"

Matilda Manzana’s brand of fragile tropigaze has always flirted with pop music. But the past year, as seen in his recent collaborations and left-field, often brilliant covers, prove that things are getting pretty serious. This courtship is especially evident in the new single from his upcoming album Conjuntos Cartográficos. “Pez Espada” is a song that indeed recalls a visit under the sea. A swim right along the ocean floor, where marine life dances and the sun’s light rays are refracted into beautiful patterns. Between the drums (courtesy of Tony Gallardo) and the kazoos, Óscar Rodríguez builds up a soundscape that hints at something fantastic but ends just before exploring what it is. Like any glimpse underwater, it lasts only until the need for air takes over and one is forced to leave.

♫♫♫ "Pez Espada"