Video: Pegasvs - "Brillar"

As soon as Pegasvs’ gorgeous vinyl hit our door, we felt like it needed to be in a gold mosaic frame (after a few dozen spins of course). With almost half of 2012 behind us, Pegasvs’ debut album is still the most accomplished record we’ve heard this year. Up to now, the band had kept a minimalistic aesthetic approach but, with the vigilance of transgressive production house CANADA, they’ve stretched their crescendos to gleaming visual hues. When we called Sergio and Luciana a pair of Renaissance artists, these images are close to what we had in mind. “Brillar” (a melody with flying wings) evokes a sci-fi saga where knights hold the guard but relinquish to a woman’s beauty. As audacious as it is ambitious, this clip has a spectral poise from bone to skin–a colossal awakening achieved through an immaculate valiance.