Video: Trasvorder - "Mientras"

It’s no surprise that sometimes we overlook great albums here at Club Fonograma. Argentinian composer Mariano Pacinetti, under the Trasvorder pseudonym, released his magical first full length, Salimos de la tierra, last year, and it went unnoticed by most of our staff. Yet, newly released first single “Mientras” and its eye-catching video, directed by Galel Maidana, has entirely changed this panorama and commanded our full attention. It’s hard not to fall in love with Trasvorder’s melodious dream pop beauties, charged with sweet hooks and romantic emanation. The exemplar “Mientras” is the perfect proof of Trasvorder’s beguiling capacities, and its delightful clip, with the superimposing of medusas, cloudy skies, and volcanos erupting, a suitable visual translation of the song's warmth.