Video: Violeta Vil - "Lapidas y Cocoteros"

In case you didn’t quite grasp it, 2011 was the fertilizing year for tropical goth. No band had more say in the fusion of the sound’s gametes as up-and-comers Violeta Vil. Great storytelling (“Amish”), bone-deep communion (“Toronjil”), and plenty of nostalgia (“El Reloj” cover) are only a few of the attributes that are likely to disembark on their forthcoming debut album via Discoteca Oceano. A standout from their demo, the proper edit of “Lapidas y Cocoteros” (“headstones and coconut”) is the ideal first single to showcase the band’s dualistic scope. The Spaniard/Venezuelan band is young-blooded but already transgressive. Violeta Vil’s first audiovisual offering is an unbridled frame of conception symbolism–one that serves its aesthetics strictly from what it beholds. Bandleader and director Monica Di Francesco is remarkably contemplative, even if wounded in the immersion. This is a clip that tricks the eyes and succeeds austerely by the poetry of its script.