Poliedro - "NUR"

It’s been a little more than a year since we last wrote about Poliedro, yet considering the one-man project from Santiago is responsible for not only the most demanding album on our Best of 2011 list, but also for some of the most captivating artwork we’ve featured on this site (Plancha and Los Herederos for starters), it’s been fairly difficult to get him out of our heads, despite the lack of new material. Poliedro’s latest track, “NUR,” just hit his own Bandcamp, and, although we weren’t expecting it to be particularly accessible, a seven-minute jam blending a steady bass line with sporadic guitar and synth lines, glitch noises, and unearthly vocals didn’t seem like the path he’d follow a year ago either. Considering how much Poliedro’s own introspective mindset and idiosyncratic detachment sacrifice the vivid communal space most pop artists seek to comfort their audiences with, the uniqueness of his sound and art remain at the core of both his fascination and his divisiveness. And with “NUR,” he has finally shaped the fibers of this intriguing artistic persona into his own singular interstellar abstractions.