Video: Gabriel y Vencerás - "Palacio"

We’re not sure what’s the story behind Barcelona’s newcomers Gabriel y Vencerás, but there’s enough buzz around them to claim them as one of the not-to-be-missed bands this year at Primavera Sound. For a band whose debut album, Ácido Niño, is only a few days old, they seem strangely confident. The three-piece band’s first promotional clip, “Palacio,” was mounted by Borja V. Conde and shows footage of guitarist/vocalist Jorge (aka “Gorpel”) at the religious ceremony of his First Communion. While the use of old grainy footage usually falls into mere faux/framed nostalgia, this clip shows just how gratifying family stocked recordings can be. There’s a bit of Catholic guilt in all of us, and Gabriel y Vencerás have no remorse earning absolution through edging riffs. The clip ends, as every sacrament of the Holy Eucharist should, dancing merengue with the entire congregation.