Video: Shakira - "Addicted to You"

Even casual fans and borderline haters should give props to Shakira. When the 2010/11 party months were crowded with Ke$ha and David Guetta-produced house, Shakira opted for rhythm and a refreshing take on merengue. Ultimately, it was the strength of her singles (yep, even the title track grew on me) that redeemed the uneven but really-not-that-bad Sale El Sol. Now, as summer approaches, Shakira concludes and celebrates the success of Sale El Sol with one last single. At two and a half minutes, "Addicted to You" doesn't carry the same potential her last hits did but, as the layered "oh, oh, ohs" indicate, the song is more of a victory lap. And a well-deserved one, too.

As for the accompanying clip, it’s harmless eye-candy. Enjoyable even. Pop videos and I have a complicated relationship. In high school, I had nothing but contempt for the common pop video. I cringed at the sight of lens flares, slow motion shots, and product placement. In other words, exactly the kind of videos director Anthony Mandler has spent a career making. But even I’m having trouble hating on this. Mandler's shots accompany Shakira through gorgeous and colorful locations. And yes, we get the obligatory lens flares, but at least we're spared any melodrama. This one is just fun.