Cut Your Hair - Utah in Pictures

Utah in Pictures, Cut Your Hair
Mushroom Pillow, Spain
Rating: 77
by Enrique Coyotzi

They may have already denied any kind of relation regarding it, but every time I read the band name Cut Your Hair, I can’t help but think of Pavement’s 1994 classic. And just like it made a great a song title, it also makes an amazing stage name. Barcelona’s three-piece breezy guitar pop ensemble enchants and provokes giggles with their short, playful EP, Utah in Pictures. If you are a fan of chill, buena onda, addictive melodies, full of sing-along vocals and catchy hooks in the vein of Beach Fossils and Real Estate, then chances are you’ll fall in love with this three-song EP.

Just like indie pop compatriots Delorean, Cut Your Hair opts to present their playful tunes sung in English, with memorable results. The three tracks offered here won’t have a problem latching onto your brain and putting your mind into a good times, happy mood. Lead single “Utah in Pictures” is the wisest selection for a promo cut. Smashing percussion, lighthearted guitar riffs, enthralling harmonies, and an unforgettable chorus places it as one of this year’s most on-repeat tunes. The other two songs, “I Wish I Was Stoned” and “I Just Need Another Friend,” are both equally great. The first is an exploding garage pop cut that will get your body moving. Seriously, not nodding your head to it is almost impossible (I’ve tried). The latter, a longing, rocking, bittersweet chant, closes with probably the finest guitar delivery of the whole thing.

Rapidly conquering our hearts and ears, Cut Your Hair quickly has become a promising band out of the countless groups that sound alike. But there’s such an exquisite cool and originality surrounding them, they stand out among other similar acts. And Utah in Pictures, a fleeting yet divine EP, suggests we should expect bolder things coming from them.

Cut Your Hair - Utah In Pictures by MushroomPillow