Husky - "Even in Summer"

Scorching sidewalks, buses and subways reeking of sweat…Yes, summer in the city can be oppressive. Luckily for us city dwellers there is a moment of respite, right between sundown and sunrise, when we finally emerge from a certain comatose state and triumphantly retake these once deserted streets. Loaded with a breezy, late-night summer bliss, “Even in Summer” is the proper tune to those improvised evening ventures. While Husky is easily compared to other “soft” indie rock bands (Mazarin, The Walkmen, Hot Hot Heat, The Drums), their self-proclaimed bubblegum rock made in Monterrey conjugates solid vocal harmonies with 1990s Brit pop guitar riffs and a catchy hook, leaving an indisputable feel-good vibe all around. “Even in Summer,” first track off their upcoming LP, Bambino, makes us want to make the most of these few fresher hours by throwing a wild party on a rooftop, finding a honey, and dancing all night.

Even In Summer (L.P Bambino 2012) by Husky (Promo 2012)