MP3: Los Jardines de Bruselas - "Why Are We Here?"

Accurately described by Blanca Méndez as “an overall pleasant album,” Floating in Dreams has had us excited about Los Jardines de Bruselas since its release. On his comeback single “Why Are We Here?” (released via Bad Pop), Argentinian musician Ezequiel de la Parra raises common existential questions in a blissful manner. Breathtaking, spacey production, buoyant arrangements, colorful hooks, and De la Parra’s whimsical singing culminate in an enrapturing song that’s bound to get stuck in your brain. Improving in his songwriting skills, the artist denotes an ample self-confidence in this new single. We just hope he doesn’t remain so silent from now on.

Why Are We Here? by Los Jardines de Bruselas