MP3: Tony Gallardo II - "Tormento"

We can’t help but wonder how gigantic Antonio Jiménez Gallardo’s career will grow from now on. With his spectacular current projects, María y José and Tony Gallardo II, Tijuana’s humble genius continues to become one of Mexico’s most important electronic acts, impressing with each of his adventurous productions. And with his recent inclusion in the lineup of this year’s edition of Mexico's hippest festival, Corona Capital, Gallardo’s desires of reaching a wider audience appear to finally be coming true.

Like something out of the Drive soundtrack, “Tormento,” lead single off Tony Gallardo II's upcoming second EP under the same title, is, hands down, one of the year’s best songs. Finding Gallardo polishing his artistry and taking it to the next level of greatness, it just takes the initial synth lines to become stupidly attached. Tijuana’s líder juvenil crushes the heart with this poisonous, aching and, self-reflective confession of a deeply-wounded relationship. “Es un tormento estar aquí. Eres veneno para mí,” he repeatedly croons in the song’s chilling mantra, where the artist expertly reserves his vocal participation for the middle section. And what to say about the spellbinding final part, where rhythm sporadically changes, turns everything light speed-like and pushes you to the highest limits of bliss ever imagined? Absolute grandiosity. It takes guts, wisdom, and unique creativity to craft such a compelling, titillating smasher. Tony Gallardo’s got it; that’s why he never ceases to impress us. And with his soon to be released sophomore LP as María y José, Rey de Reyes (still Club Fonograma's most anticipated record of 2012), out in September and this new Tony Gallardo II EP, we couldn't be more thrilled about his future.

♫♫♫ "Tormento"