Video: Mujercitas Terror - "Excavaciones"

Punk hits often turn into anthems but are rarely part of the zeitgeist. This doesn’t seem to be the case for “Excavaciones,” the title track from Mujercitas Terror’s terrific 2011 album. This flesh-carving hit broke through just a little too late for best-of-the-year consideration but has turned into one of the few rock hits blooming across Iberoamerica this year. Not that they’re anywhere near the success of Napoléon Solo or Hello Seahorse!, but it sure is a favorite among music curators and tastemakers. The Argentine band keeps the momentum going with a seemingly minimalistic black & white clip that is anything but a minimal effort. Director Peko Docimo employed Hitchcockian cinematic elements (crane shots, swish pans, and low-key lighting) to track down the three subjects and their instruments–everything as part of a deeply pronounced diegetic sound that is pointing toward the transcendental.