MP3: Franny & Zooey - "Remember (Being Fake)"

Move over Las Robertas, move over Banda de Turistas. The crown for the most handsome band of our region has a new holder: Dominican newcomers Franny & Zooey. Of course, we wouldn’t be mentioning looks if it wasn’t for the fact they also happen to be pretty talented. Recorded in Santo Domingo, “Remember (Being Fake)” is the engaging first offering of Juan Julio Peña, Victoria Linares, and Brian Senior, “three pop friends” who borrow J.D. Salinger’s book title as their band name. Franny & Zooey sounds as mellow and dramatic as the characters it’s named after. They bring a sound that’s unlikely of the Dominican Republic's music scenery and are more in tune with the pop beach uprise of Cults and Tennis. As Linares’ engaging vocals sigh, “love is like an ice cream, it always melts me down,” a seafaring guitar riff contemplates its renaissance. The rest is a whispered yearning turned into melodic bloom. Watch Franny & Zooey perform the still unreleased track "Like in movies" HERE.