MP3: Teacher Teacher - "Campamento de Verano"

September is already upon us and we can see the heat of summer vanishing. But, before we start knitting scarves in anticipation of the great cold, let us be nostalgic and longing to relive summer adventures. “Campamento de Verano,” first single from the newly established Teacher Teacher, draws directly from this youthful vigor and with humor recalls those horseback rides, canoe trips, campfire sing-alongs, and friendship bracelet-making. Teacher Teacher (probably named after’s Rockpile 1980s hit) is composed of three Madrid household names: Guillermo Farré (Wild Honey, The Mittens), María Hernández (Mittens, Charades and Las Señoras) and Cristina Gómez (Las Señoras). Embracing all at once lo-fi, fast pace, and distortion to create a juvenile pop punk, this new musical offspring is truly his parents’ child. Download "Campamento de Verano" + B-track" via Bandcamp.