Video: Javiera Mena - "Luz de Piedra de Luna"

It was about time the Best Song of 2010 received the audiovisual treatment. We won’t shy away from calling “Luz de Piedra de Luna” Javiera Mena’s career-best moment, and it’s great news to know it’s finally an official single. Although not terribly conceived, all of Mena’s videoclips have left us a bit underwhelmed. Our expectations rocketed very high when we heard the news CANADA was helming this particular clip, but as the clip comes to light, we’re once again left a bit thirsty. The clip, recognized by CANADA as an “animated gif” is flashy enough, yet contained of narrative possibilities. The cutting of silhouettes and peeling of wallpapers don't do much for an overachiever like Mena. But when the camera confronts her, straight to the eyes, it’s when the clip really proves itself to be somewhat worthy. Mena has never looked prettier in a clip–every single time she sings “cuando bailo contigo, no me preocupo mas” with those penetrating eyes, she reclaims her status as the one and only girlfriend of our dreams.