Fonocast #12: Flash in the Pan

Fonocast #12: Flash in the Pan
by Blanca Méndez, Andrew Casillas, and Enrique Coyotzi
  • Gerardo - "Rico Suave"
  • Lisette Melendez - "Together Forever"
  • La Factoria ft. Eddy Lover - "Perdoname"
  • Pilar Montenegro - "Quitame Ese Hombre"
  • Son by Four - "A Puro Dolor"
  • Pambo - "Tras Nubes"
  • Naty Botero - "Te Quiero Mucho"
  • Climax - "Mesa Que Mas Aplauda"
  • Los Del Rio - "Macarena"
  • Las Ketchup - "Asereje"


  1. Lol at "Together Forever." I feel like freestyle, as a genre, is pretty much a decade-long 'flash in the pan.' Though I agree, it's importance can't be understated. (Sorta like disco--another heavily Latino-influenced musical genre--in that respect.)

  2. Another thing: Son By Four totally reminds me of All For One. In that, they were both super-talented vocally but maybe a little too earnest, and timing-wise, at the tail-end of that Boyz II Men-led 90's R&B crooning dude-group boom (along with Shai, Color Me Badd, H-Town).