Dënver - Remixes de Campo

Yeah, you might be looking at that cover and trying to figure out what’s going on. Milton has apparently kept the bleach blonde hair that accompanied their festival circuit, and Mariana took the line of “Hasta el bikini me estorba” very seriously. In all honesty, both Mariana and Milton are looking mad sexy. The duo recently surprised us with a cover of Juan Gabriel’s “Pero Que Necesidad,” made aware they’ll be swinging by Primavera Sound, announced the release of their album on vinyl, and today, they’re bringing us another treat. They’ve unveiled Remixes de Campo, a short collection of remixes (of various achievements) for some of the tracks of the initially divisive, but increasingly appreciated latest album Fuera de Campo. Highlights include an auteristic dance treatment of “Concentracion de Campos” by Chilean beatmaker Motivado, the transporting of “Medio Loca” to a whole new place by AJ Davila, and two remixes of “Revista de Gimnasia,” including a cumbia. Download the remixes through their website.