Chilean psych rockers Föllakzoid’s new video for “Rio,” featured in their second LP, takes us in a brutal road trip along the edge of a burning forest. Made up of multidisciplinary artists working on architecture, photography, festival producing and filmmaking, the band formed in Santiago in 2007 and has ever since delivered two albums and an EP. Like its predecessor, II (via Sacred Bones Records, alongside Chilean compatriots The Holydrug Couple) is a collection of krautrock tracks with a special mystical bearing and developed rhythmic structures. “Rio” is the second of these long cosmic songs and, like the video, it makes us travel from one point to another, just through organic rhythmic progressions. Föllakzoid will be playing at the end of May at Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, which Club Fonograma will be covering for the first time this year.