Video: Fuckaine - "Hooray"

For some reason the exterior shots of this video by Madrileños, Fuckaine, are in Queensland, Australia (streuth!). And for some reason, a curly-haired boy slingshots a dead marsupial with its baby still alive and kicking inside its pouch. Inexplicably, there's bloody ragu, fatty hearts, a plate of maggots, and a disciplinary priest. Things get even more surreal (or really just more symbolic) when the boy walks in on his anteater-cum-koala-cum-elephant head parents fornicating while the Third Reich marches on the TV in the background. It's all rosary beads and phallic noses until, for some reason, the boy fashions a mask from a Hessian sack to find acceptance into this bizarre family. Cake ensues.

For some reason this take on psych/surf-rock seems rather fresh. It could be the tight production that emphasizes the melodic noise while muffling the more standard instrumentation, and the not-really-all-that-important lyrics. Not to mention getting back to the feeling of rock: the fuck yeah, I'm horny and disgusted at the same time feels; the growing up's a joke feels; the wtf is lyf feels; and the what the fuck is wrong with that communion wafer thought you'll have by the end of this video.