Eric Curiel - "...De tú corazón"

After 14 years of founding, producing and playing with a plethora of musical acts –such as Shantelle, Electric Healing Sound, Dancing Strangers, PL DVNA, Perros Cobardes– Eric Curiel has decided to launch his solo career. His debut solo album, La llamada de lo ideal is housed under Tijuana’s independent record label, Prima Crush, which has also released other endearing acts such as María y José, Dani Shivers, Late Nite Howl and Ibi Ego. 

Jesús Vasquez, filmmaker habitué of Tijuana’s independent music scene, directed “De tú corazón” – Eric Curiel’s first single and music video–.  With a straightforward approach, Vasquez’s places Curiel as the main subject of the video. With out of focus lights and zooming effect, the video merely delivers nothing more but the in-your-face realization that Curiel has now, after years, taken a solo path. The song is reminiscent of synth pop of the late 80s; tender beats with looped noise-drenched guitars. Yes it’s joyful, the melody is catchy and the sound is charming – but like an Almodóvar movie, it carries an “eerie- between-the-lines” feeling; as the surfaces exudes splendid and colorful imagery, the fine bottom line hides a complex and obscure narrative.