Video: Pearls Negras - "Guerreira"

Pearls Negras, hip-hop trio from Vidigal (a favela located in the south of Rio de Janeiro), managed to gather some international attention late last year with Biggie Apple, a highly unpredictable, tastefully produced short mixtape made up of electronic dance beats that would have made a perfect fit among the Mad Decent catalog. Their new song “Guerreira” isn’t a deviation from their established sound, the beat has the epic build-ups of any recent club stomping trap anthem, yet instead of a destructive drop you get a ghostly piano part. The production remains off-kilter, but it’s the MCing that really shines here. Although the tempo is a little too high for us to be able to distinguish more than just a few words, the girls’ flow is raw, enticing, and catchy enough to fulfill its purpose of making you want to fuck shit up. Yet the girls are so charismatic that instead of feeling intimidated by their warrior posture, you really just wanna start a block party with them. For now it seems that these three girls from Brazil might be Danny Brown’s only rival when it comes to hyper-aggressive flow and oddball beat selection.