MP3: El Remolón (feat. Lido Pimienta) - "Vestido"

We last heard this duo on El Remolón's 2010 EP with the slower marching song "Basta Ya (Todos somos inmigrantes),"where Lido gave a taste of her unique phrasing, and 2012's sassy "Atras". As we wait, eyes bulging with anticipation, for her sophomore LP, La Papessa, BA-scenester, El Remolón, has returned with his fifth release, Selva, and a tantalizing appetizer of a more mature-sounding diva. Her vocals are getting looser and bolder. Meanwhile, the cumbia maestro scaffolds the song with a bouncing, but sultry, framework, on top of which Lido gets down to business. This is straight forward, earworm pop. The theme is blatant, the storyline an instant - if somewhat repetitive. There's no mystery here. She'll take off her own heels; but you better get off the end of the bed to help by the time Lido's excellent harmonic refrain returns. You can currently download the mp3 of the track via Soundcloud.