Video: Diosque - "Una Naranja"

We are in the process of bringing you a new compilation, which means there’s a lot of awesome free music coming your way. Out of the hundreds of entries we’ve gotten on our inbox, one of the artists that has stood out the most is Argentine melody maverick, Diosque. While we applauded his last album, Bote, the tracks we’ve heard from his forthcoming album Constante hint we’ll be listening to the record that will do the job of internationalizing his music. Serving as a bit of a teaser of what’s to come, Diosque has unveiled one of his new songs and a layered cinéma vérité video helmed by Agustín Carbonere.

The black frame shades out to find a zoomed shot of a hand holding a stone. Talk about visual impact and intimidation. “A ver quien tira la primera piedra,” sings Diosque in the first line of “Una Naranja.” In the best way of cinéma vérité (or many literal fables), the clip opens the frame in a continuous pace, unveiling its subject in a fascinating and cruel way. After the video zooms out, we realize the man holding the stone isn’t as intimidating anymore. The ant-sized man aims to hit a giant, yet defeated, version of himself. He's gasping words hoping to acquire visibility. The frame keeps zooming out, adjusting to his third and last encounter with an even bigger, human version of the now triumphant man rocking out a keytar amidst the brutal and decaying background. The loop of the narrative, the grainy/dreamy superimposition of the subject(s), and the melodic risks and digital blows of the song itself make this a true feast for the senses.