Panty Pantera - "Cocodrilo" / "Apestoso"

While I was preparing an album review for Russian Red’s latest record Agent Cooper (which let’s just say is as pompous as The Great Gatsby), I realized I’d rather be writing on something less postured. Fellow Spaniard newcomers Panty Pantera have that cleansing quality of brightening your day. While they could easily carry the title for the “latest twee indiepop act from Spain,” Panty Pantera seems to have nursed from the same understated grunge that makes Carmen Sandiego and Piyama Party house favorites. Their demo for relative hit single “Cocodrilo” sneaked into our Best Songs of 2013 countdown, where we celebrated the track’s ability to sound “grandiloquent and equally small.” The track has now been published on 7’’ via Discos Humeantes and Discos Alta Fidelidad. It seems the band has kept the demo edit of the single for this track –if they follow the tradition, they’ll eventually polish it for mass appeal in the future, that is, assuming Elefant Records takes them under their wing. The album comes with “Apestoso” as a B-side, which is like the anti-thesis of Antonna’s “Tu Hueles Mejor” and reminded me of this guy. The single is available for name-your-price via Bandcamp.