Mañaneros - "The Vass"

Around the one minute mark of Mañaneros’ new track “The Vass,” right when the accordion finally kicks in, you can’t help but think of one of the more defining phrases of 2000’s Latin pop: “Suena, suena y emociona, nuestra, nuestra acordeona.” It’s not a surprising move, given how Mañaneros tend to reappropriate all sorts of popular Latin rhythms, movements, and symbols, and then proceed to reinterpret them through their own lens of post-internet holy-fucking-shitdom. It’s about recontextualizing Latin folk in the digital era as much as it is about getting drunk on aguardiente and passing out next to some cumbia blasting speakers. I’ll admit that the Celso Piña connection might be a little too far-fetched here, but with Mañaneros, you get the feeling that their music is about everything and nothing at the same time. For these guys, no connection is too crazy. Especially when you’re this crazy.  "The Vass" is the first song unveiled from Mañaneros' forthcoming release, download the track via Papasquiaro.