Video + MP3: Los Blenders - "Chavos Bien"

The surprise success of Los Blenders' early EPs, namely last year's Meta y Dinero, has given what once Mexico's most overlooked band a well-earned spot as one of the most sought-after national acts. Anticipation is growing for their proper debut, and one would think this might be the chance to grow up, get serious and uphold that spot. Newest single "Chavos Bien" is a rejoinder that revels in the exact opposite: this is still proto porn pop and we love them for it.

Joey Muñoz directs the titular clip wherein the chavos amuse themselves full-on appropriating mirreyes culture- the most privileged and preppy of Mexican youth (stateside they invade Texas outlet malls in November to stock up on Lacoste and Ralph Lauren Polos). While this drug-fueled vision of ATV/boat rides and tennis playing is easily one of the funniest videos of the year, those images would be nothing if this wasn't also the summer's most quotable song: ("Vamos a comprarnos drogas / y después nos las metemos todas."). Right now, though, i'll probably be stuck on "FA / FA-FA-FA-FA-FA-FA" (8) for weeks. Equis.

Download the MP3 of "Chavos Bien" HERE.