Onda Temporal, Episodio Cinco: Ulises Zarazua

The fifth episode of Onda Temporal presents us with another virtually unknown artist, one whose only reference (at least to us) is his association to the roster of Vale Vergas Discos, which recently announced it would be re-launching as Estados Unidos de America Latina. Arriving right at the middle of the series, Guerrero Negro and Carlos Matsuo shot what’s the most obscure number of the project so far. Or what the what the color palette and time of shooting would make you believe. While all the previous episodes carried a somber element to them, seeing Ulises Zarazua tune his guitar as he walks by a man that’s digging through trash, underlines the series’ thematic alignment between artists and the common pedestrians. A lovely little wink at the sixth second makes us remember the previous episode featuring Los Nuevos Maevans. As he parks on a corner to bleed his heart out, it’s quite moving to see the lights of cars and a scattered companionship of life passing by, even when the sun has yet to manifest its presence.