Tunacola - "Danky"

Even amongst Papasquiaro’s multitude of riches, Tunacola’s “Danky” stands out as a welcome surprise. This is mainly because, as compared to much of the compilation, “Danky” is an instant winner. Indeed, my reaction on first listen was “Wow, I’ve been waiting for the Go! Team to make something this great for ten damn years.” Not to say that Tunacola’s breakthrough track is beholden to early 2000s mash-up culture. In fact, where “Danky” really shines is in its infectious verses, which invoke Len’s eternal “Steal My Sunshine.” But this isn’t some twee shit—the last minute throws out the coyness and throws in the entire kitchen sink, to dizzying effect. While there may be more important songs on Club Fonograma’s latest compilation, none of them are as destined to last as a classic summer jam.