Onda Temporal, Episodio Dos: Alberto Acinas

The second episode of Onda Temporal scopes the oddball mind of Spaniard songwriter, Alberto Acinas. Certainly one of the most eccentric and divisive acts from Vale Vergas Discos, he’s been slowly percolating fans into his own little cult. Which is why this performance of Acinas performing at a cemetery, inside a chapel dedicated to Juan Soldado (a folk saint with an ever-growing cult) sustains the concepts of devotion, cult, and the riveting of the flesh into a very rewarding whole. Surrounded by grateful plaques of the miracles accredited to Juan Soldado, Acinas rumbles his chords with bold conviction. His voice however, registers a sense of tragedy (for both, the rejected embrace Acinas sings about in the song, and for the alleged false accusations of rape and murder for which Juan Soldado was executed). Director Carlos Matsuo surveys the humble temple with respect (offering no vignettes), but with enough curiosity to capture some devotees as they wait in line for their turn to light up a few candles and worship the saint with flowers.