Video: Chico Unicornio - "Ahora Te Puedes Marchar"

Pop always proves every generation’s need to revive the memory and legacy of the dead or seemingly retired idols. As Jean Baudrillard once said, “every possible art form has already been explored. All that’s left is to deconstruct an play with the pieces.” Strange and colorful, Chico Uniconrnio has subscribed to this exercise by reconditioning one of Luis Miguel’s most renowned post-childhood hits, “Ahora Te Puedes Marchar” from one of his first mature records, Soy Como Quiero Ser released back in 1987.

The video directed by Chilean Andrea Guzman (who is also Chico Unicornio’s drummer), shows a character that, consumed by stifling routine, is falling into insanity and gets disconnected from reality and the people around him. These are witty images that are very well connected with the sound. Completely different from its original, the Peruvian band turns to a lo-fi arrangement, transforming the pop cues into rock, and the rock cues into punk. Without the intention to sound fatalistic, the verse “si no supiste amar, ahora te puedes marchar” transfers in this narrative as an advice for this quirky young man –it pushes him to either escape and never look back, and presents him with the ironic option of committing suicide. A nice addition to accompany other covers like that of Capullo’s “Déjame Vivir” and Los Abandoned’s “Como La Flor”.