Video: Coiffeur - "Guarida"

Quemasucabeza keeps providing us and encouraging us with a source of essential, brave, and diverse tunes like their recently signing of Diosque and, of course, bumping Ases Falsos to the first leagues with their formidable sophomore album, Conducción. Now we have Coiffeur’s newest video for "Guarida" from last year’s album, but still resilient in our eardrums, Conquista de lo Inútil. The video directed by Luciano Rubio (who also directed the controversial "Mientras Tanto") captures Coiffeur’s musical call for liberation, the transcendental physics in movement and time, the escapism from Plato’s cave, the truth that we find in science, art, nature, and dreams. Coiffeur’s Conquista de lo Inútil showed us that being brave enough to venture into different rhythms will more often than not, provide us with great results.