Onda Temporal, Episodio Cuatro: Los Nuevos Maevans

Whenever I’ve had to practice my film scholar studies to advice very resourceful projects, I often encourage them to shoot at super markets. Because really, when working with a tight budget, that’s all the art direction you need. Who knew the little store at the corner of your neighborhood would also do the job? On the fourth episode of Onda Temporal, we witness hardcore punk band Los Nuevos Maevans march into a miscelanea and turn the tight space into a sprawling arena for one very assaultive and memorable number. Using one of the members as keyboard legs and featuring a mysteriously small sound technician are only a few of the well executed gimmicks by a band that’s known as a performance act –so much that they practice playback on their gigs. When they’re done detonating the noise of “Antorcha Campesina,” they walk out civilized. The woman at the counter watches with some amuse (hard not to find it hysterical), but she’s not terrorized by it –she’s probably seen much, much worse.