Ceci Bastida - "Como Soy"

This year is almost over and we still got a couple of extraordinary albums to review before we get together to do our Best of the Year lists. We’re also going to do a list with our most anticipated records for the upcoming year, among them, Ceci Bastida’s Veo La Marea. “Como Soy” is one track from that album has been rolling our iPods for a couple of months, actually, the remix for it by Julieta Venegas. So it’s kind of odd to hear the original after the remix, but it’s a lovely towering tune. Ceci premiered the song last week on Indie 103.1’s Sala de Espera which airs Tuesday nights (gotta love them) and I got even more stuck on such beautiful piece, “tu mirada me atraviesa y yo lo siento hasta los huesos, que no puedo, que yo, yo no puedo.” Luckily, we get to hear it over and over thanks to a pair of Argentinean creative fans who call themselves Chingonsisimas (because they are) and who made a gorgeous stop motion video for it, and it’s like they raised the bar for fan-made videos. Enjoy!