Los Odio!, Los Odio!

Arts & Crafts, Mexico
Rating: 49
By Carlos Reyes

Los Odio! is the latest all-star ensemble composed by Paco Huidobro (Fobia), Quique Rangel (Café Tacvba), Jay de la Cueva (Moderatto) and Tito Fuentes (Molotov). First let’s mention that this is the first local release from Arts & Crafts Mexico, a very smart move from a really good label. Los Odio! will hardly breakthrough its border, so it’s highly unlikely to get a broad international run. The band sounds nothing like the current indierock scene which is totally fine, except that just like Los Concorde, this is very disappointing (and you can tell I really wanted to like it).

First, let me say I like the bands they play in (yes, even Moderatto), but while this band might reunite their backgrounds it doesn’t add up to much musically. They lack personality, signature, a distinctive sound and better stories to tell. Not to say they’re not talented, they actually get the individual execution part right, but everything else feels disjointed and just patchy. “Pelos en el Mouse” stands out right away, it’s undeveloped but funny and over the top (as it should be). It’s hilarious actually, while writing this the song shouts “que tú no eres quien, tú no puedes criticarme, tienes pelos en el mouse también.” It’s that juicy character that’s missing on the rest album, most songs sound like a lazy Fobia or a Moderatto without makeup.

It’s hard to depart their origins when the new band lacks an identity. “Cruda de amor” almost gets it right, an anthem-like almost grunge tune about a hangover, a physical state where even cumbias and mariachis are harmful. Other songs go from funky (“Superpompis”) to wacky (“Odio”), while they can provoke some head shakes and toe-tapping moments, they’re just too quick to grab them. The fact that “Disculpa Nena, Yo No Soy Un Hippie” ages from birth-to-death as one listens to it tells how transcendent it is. If anything, they do throw in a great one liner “yo soy el unico pendejo que te cre.” Los Odio! is ultimately an album run and rushed by attitude rather than musical essence.