Feature: Lido Pimienta - "La Rata"

Here is another great song from Colombian visionary artist Lido Pimienta. We fell in love with her from day one and promised to feature more stuff from her, this time is the astounding “La Rata.” This is certainly a surprise; we have seen her as a sweetheart singing “Humano” or “Mueve”, but it’s like she got tougher on this one. From the gritty lyrics to the mystifying music, this is a great sign of her true multi-dimensional talent.” Quiero matar a la rata”, it sounds like something coming out of Martin Scorsese’s The Departed. Actually, the song is not too far away from such a criminal-charged poignant film, “La Rata” is quite a statement. It’s politically-charged and probably Lido’s most personal piece so far.

The song is a critique on Colombia’s government, or at least a judgment on the negative actions surrounding it. She refers to “la rata” as that unavoidable feeling of becoming part of the system (“ahora soy la rata también”), the sense of letting such negativity get into your aura, or even worst, caging you. A strong, dissident, and beautiful piece for the global pop avalanche in search of reformation. “La Rata” is above all, a poisonous affair between the artist and its surrounding, unlike most protest songs, this doesn’t scream for attention nor it buries itself from it, it’s precise and emotionally charged as any great political song should be.