Video: Maluca - "El Tigeraso"

Maluca’s “El Tigeraso” had profiled itself as one of the year’s hot songs but we weren’t expecting Rita Indiana y Los Misterios, Valentina Fel or Lido Pimienta to come and surprise us all. Not that our like towards Maluca has gotten smaller, it’s just that there’s much more to choose from and we’re applauding such fortunate circumstance. It’s been many months since she wowed bloggers across during SXSW week and she’s been touring with the Mad Decent crew since then. I get the feeling they’re taking way too much time to expose her album, they usually do that. While we wait to hear other songs other than the really awesome “El Tigeraso”, here’s the video. Cans in your head! Seriously, it would be dumb if MTV Tr3s doesn’t take advantage of this.