Rita Indiana y Los Misterios - “Dime a vel, Mambo Navideño”

The much awaited first LP from Rita Indiana y Los Misterios was supposed to be released this month, but as of now, it’s highly unlikely it will be finished on time. She’s on fire and she’s got the Dominican Republic on fire, we’ve seen her fame grow very quick, but didn’t expect her to get a national idol status prior to her album’s release. Last time we spoke to her she mentioned she is also working on an EP for Dutty Artz, which is produced by the prolific and critic’s darling DJ Rupture. In case you missed it, she grabbed two spots on our decade’s countdown (“La Sofi” and “La Hora de Volve”), it’s only natural for us to keep her momentum. Christmas time is here and with the a little help from Vakero, Juliana and Daniel Santacruz, she’s releasing “Dime a vel, Mambo Navideño” as a free download through her website. It’s their most comprehensible (standard) moment yet, but nevertheless, engaging and entertaining.

♫♫♫ “Dime a vel, Mambo Navideño” (grab it here)